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Re: [PLUG] Windows vs Linux e-mail return address

On Fri, Oct 12, 2001 at 04:46:52AM -0400, wrote:
> What is identd good for other than hacking?

I presume you mean as a conduit to break into a system?

It's oftentimes used to find out who is requesting a service.  I believe
that MTAs, depending on how they are configured, will use ident, if
available.  Every ircd that I know of will request ident.  I believe
that many POP daemons do, as well.

The utility of it isn't as great today as it was back before computers
became personal.  It was used to identify which user on a system was
requesting the service, in case of abuse.  Now it's not so useful,
considering how many *nix boxes there are out there, and considering
that MS Windows, AFAIK, doesn't normally offer ident service.  (Notable
exception that I can think of being mIRC, which provides a built-in
ident server.)

> Sorry about not having my system available to gather more info. The
> identd service is one of the services that I disable. The previous
> hypothesis about being logged in as root being the case of the
> identity confusion sounds like a likely cause.  (Why it would do what
> it do is another question.) Hey, maybe I will try, what is it...KMail?
> If another e-mail client doesn't cause a problem, then Netscape
> Messenger would be the culprit.
> BTW, my wife's Lotus Notes server will display the word "root" in the
> message when I send from my root account under Linux.

Sorry to take a bit to get back.  It looks like you've used KMail
(judging from your test messages) to good effect.  Perhaps there are
some settings somewhere in NS Messenger that are causing problems.  I
don't know.

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