Paul on 7 Sep 2004 20:10:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Job Posting

Chris Mann wrote:

It's not so much that as it is that we know we're looking for a pretty
unique skill set, and we're anticipating that it's going to take a while
to find someone who not only fits the skill set, but will fit in the
company as well. Originally we were going to start interviewing in Dec
and (hopefully) have a person hired by Feb/March. But somethings have
changed, most note worthy is that since I've twins on the way, I may
need to take some extended time off, which means we need to have someone
in place to back my position up a bit.

Hope that clarifies things.

Yeah, then that actually is stepping things up, like you said. Thanks for the clarification, especially after the way I worded my original response.

Good luck with the twins. Or should I say, good like functioning without any sleep for a few months! ;->
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