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Re: [PLUG] Re: ISPs (again)

On 18 Aug, 2005, at 23:08, Tom Diehl intoned:
Stewart B. Lone <v592653589793238@verizon.net> wrote:
I have had dsl from Verizon for about 3 weeks now. I signed on with
their advertised package of the first 3 months-$19.95/Mo., and
subsequently $29.95/Mo.. The speed is 3 Mb / 768 Kb. I checked it
through http://www.dslreports.com/, and the speed is indeed as advertised.

Yes but. you cannot run servers, you only get a dyanmic ip and you have to use
pppoe. If that is good enough for you then good luck. Unfortunately for
a lot of people it is not. This seems to be a classic case of you get what you
pay for.

Yup ... that's why DCAnet's version is a much better deal.

Read the fine print:

... the Verizon deal is 19.95 per month for 3 months; 29.95 for months 4-12; "At the end of the one-year commitment period, your rate will increase to the then current month-to-month rate. To maintain your discounted monthly rate, you must agree to an additional one- year commitment or have a qualifying local and long distance plan."

And those numbers are all be for FUSF and all of the other taxes and stuff.

Plus, "if service is cancelled between months 2 and 12, a $99 early termination fee applies."

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