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Re: [PLUG] music jukebox

On Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 11:40 PM, Brian Stempin <> wrote:
> I've suffered through the iTouch....
> I own an older iPod Mini, which works *great* with GTKPod.  This is because
> the old-school iPods appear as removable USB drive to the machine, allowing
> someone to reverse-engineer the db files and write to them directly.

My experience is the same, and the way that gtkpod/amarok work I could
easily select and load music onto my 4GB mini from a vastly larger
collection.  iTunes wanted to create a "special playlist" and autosync

> The iTouch, however, appears as it's own device type to the host system.
> Because of this, the traditional way of using an iPod on any Linux system is
> out-the-window.  I had to jailbreak my iTouch, install SSH on it, and use
> SSHFS + GTKPod to load music to it.  It turned out that my version of GTKPod
> didn't support the iTouch db files, so it did all of that work for nothing
> (I didn't feel like compiling the latest version of GTKPod).  BLAAAAAA!

I started doing that as well, but it seemed more complicated than it
was worth.  I have been using iTunes on a windows computer at work.  I
don't own a windows PC, so I am going to see if the current version of
kvm/qemu supports the USB port sufficiently to use an iTunes appliance
in a VM.


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