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Re: [PLUG] Internet Provider Wars, part New

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Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 3:23 PM

> John Von Essen wrote:
>> Just a side bar on the whole DTV thing. The people who did the TV Ads
>> (FCC?) on it really left out alot of info that the public doesn't know.
> Yes, and it makes one wonder why.. perhaps some sort of agenda...?
> [follow the money - always]
>> 10-3 NBC Sports). When I told a friend about this (who previously was
>> against the whole DTV thing) he had no idea about these extra
>> channels -
> I didn't know either.  Wasn't even going to order a box but just did.
> I'm a sucker for Discovery/History/Animal Planet/Nat Geo though....

I knew about the three WHYY digital channels although I can't get them due 
to their weak signal until June, but I didn't know about 10-3; it wasn't 
picked up on my TV Tuner that's in my HP Pavilion Elite D5000t.

I'm going to have to add that manually now that I know about it. So, what 
other additional channels are there that my station scan skipped over? 
Where can I find a list of them?  The media guide software doesn't mention 
them just as they didn't mention 12-2 and 12-3; I added them manually so 
that they will be present when a signal is strong.

With an amplified indoor antenna, I am getting good reception on the digital 
channels except for 6 which sometimes disappears and for 12-n's which are 
too weak to receive.

A neighbor who bought a new HDTV is unable to pick up 6 also but I don't 
know if they use an outdoor or indoor antenna; my guess is that they use 
unamplified indoor antenna..

My new computer has the 64 bit Vista Ultimate with the Windows Media Center 
and a built-in tuner.

I am currently playing with MS's Virtual PC 2007 and have finally got 
Ubuntu, Damn Small Linux and FreeDOS running in Virtual PC's.  I am just at 
the beginner's level.

I was going to take my old Win Me system, wipe it and install some Linux 
distribution, but then I discovered 64 bit Vista didn't support some of my 
old 16 bit gardening and astronomy software so I kept it up and running 
until I could find a solution.  I was playing with Embedded Damn Small Linux 
on the Win Me system. 

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