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Re: [PLUG] Jaunty on Mini-9

On Tuesday 14 April 2009 02:15:21 pm Alex Launi wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 1:49 PM, Art Alexion <> wrote:
> >  Not the one I downloaded, but I installed evolution after the fact
> > because I
> > feel email is one of the main purposes of a netbook, and find webmail
> > cumbersome and unsatisfactory.
> Then apparently you did not have the standard eeebuntu image-
> So you find webmail cumbersome, yet you use evolution, which is one of the
> heaviest mail clients available for the free desktop. Interesting..

Nothing to do with "weight".  I hate webmail's 2-dimensional navigation.  I 
work in a Microsoft shop, and no open source client does Exchange better.

> > It doesn't install the database component.  I would definitely want
> > Writer, Calc and Impress installed.  Draw is probably unnecessary.
> It's all unnecessary, remember what we're talking about here. This is a *
> netbook.* It's not a full laptop, it's not meant to be. Specifically my
> post was about the eeepc 901 so disk space is a huge issue.

OK.  We use the 1000 s which have an 8GB ssd and a 32 GB ssd.  The people I 
configure netbooks for are MS Office users who are traveling.  They want to use 
spreadsheets, write letters and sometimes run presentations.  Yet, they like 
the battery life, weight and size.  It fits into their luggage rather than 
being another piece of luggage.

> First I think that is a chocolate vs. vanilla thing.  Second, I think we
> are
> > talking different [sub]distros as so many of the things you mention
> > aren't installed on any of the 5 eee netbooks I have configured.
> Again, you're not talking about what is in the standard eeebuntu image. I
> don't know what you downloaded, but it wasn't the standard image.

I installed from which now redirects to  It 
is the 8.04 LTS version.

> Ours hold 32 gigs of data (in addition to 8 gigs that I install the system
> > files to).  I like to listen to music while I do things.  I don't
> > necessarily
> > want to depend on streaming to hear my music.
> Then you're not using an eee901, and we're talking about different things.
> Don't reply to my comments using an entirely different context, it just
> makes us both look stupid.

I'm not talking about a totally different product here.  This is the next model 
up from the same manufacturer.  I wasn't interested in making you look stupid, 
I was interested in what you thought was unnecessary, and what you thought was 
useful.  Like I said, I configure these for others, so I am interested in what 
others want.

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