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Re: [PLUG] [Slightly OT] UPS recommendations

On Jun 9, 2009, at 8:34 AM, Paul L. Snyder wrote:

> Both monitors are connected to the same machine, and I dursn't give  
> them
> up, no I dursn't, my precious.


> Believe me, if I could split things among multiple circuits, I  
> would.  Or rather, I would if
> I were willing to run an extension cord into the bathroom, which I'm  
> not.

Yeah, me neither.

> As I mentioned, I'll be having an electrician in to rewire at some  
> point.
> The UPS will still be useful in smoothing out PECO-induced power  
> outages.

Oh, don't get me started about PECO. $WORK had an issue where PECO  
couldn't keep their output consistent and some of the tenants' UPS  
equipment would notice and start kicking in.

As for brand, I always liked APC stuff because that's literally all  
you ever see. It's as if other companies don't even exist in the market.

Thank You,
Sean Collins

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