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Re: [PLUG] [Slightly OT] UPS recommendations

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 8:34 AM, Paul L. Snyder <plsnyder@drexel.edu> wrote:
Both monitors are connected to the same machine, and I dursn't give them
up, no I dursn't, my precious.

How large are the monitors? Are they the 21" Trinitron monsters I gave you? If you have two of those running off the plus one workstation, a APC Smart-UPS SUA750 750VA UPS would do you nicely for around 15 minutes of run time. The APC Smart-UPS family is what I tend to use myself for projects. It plays well with Debian using APC's apcupsd(8) package of utilities (console and daemon) located in the repositories.

Here's a sample of the output from apctest:

~# apctest

2009-06-09 09:57:19 apctest 3.14.4 (18 May 2008) debian
Checking configuration ...
Attached to driver: apcsmart
sharenet.type = DISABLE
cable.type = CUSTOM_SMART

You are using a SMART cable type, so I'm entering SMART test mode
mode.type = APCSMART_UPS
Setting up the port ...
Hello, this is the apcupsd Cable Test program.
This part of apctest is for testing Smart UPSes.
Please select the function you want to perform.

1) Query the UPS for all known values
2) Perform a Battery Runtime Calibration
3) Abort Battery Calibration
4) Monitor Battery Calibration progress
5) Program EEPROM
6) Enter TTY mode communicating with UPS
7) Quit

Select function number:

Hope this helps.

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