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Re: [PLUG] I need a book recommendation

On Fri, 8 Jun 2012, Doug Stewart wrote:

If we're going to go the Stephenson route, there's nary a book of his that I
wouldn't recommend (at least those penned under his own name.)

Snow Crash is a definite favorite of mine, as is Diamond Age. I'm in the
minority, but I loved Anathem. I'm only a third of the way through REAMDE,
but liking it. And I never did finish the third Baroque Cycle book...

--Doug Stewart

I liked Anathem. I don't know that I enjoyed it, but I liked it. I found myself confused by the purpose of much of it, yet I still couldn't put it down and when I had to I kept wanting to go back and read more. When I was done I thought "Oh... that was kinda interesting." All in all it was a good read and held my interest.

Snowcrash and Diamond Age I enjoyed. They were both really good, so +1 to each of those.
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