Eric H. Johnson on 6 Jul 2012 10:57:34 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Linux friendly tablet?


Speaking for myself, I have a Nokia N900 smart phone running fully open
source Maemo Linux with T-Mobile for data since the only other real option
is AT&T. It basically comes jail broken out of the box and does not or
cannot restrict bandwidth intensive applications such as tethering. Also
nothing will try to "fix" my phone if I jailbreak it or install
"unauthorized" applications. Granted it has pretty much been abandoned by
Nokia, but still does the main things I bought it to do.

As for the Android tablets I mentioned, they were both wifi only, so no
telco is involved, well except sometimes indirectly depending on what the
wifi is connected to. The point is, none of these force applications to come
from a single source.

I don't need the ghost of Steve Jobs protecting me from myself.


I do find it ironic that everyone bemoaning Apple's walled garden freely
admits to slinging money at the telcos, i.e. those who practically INVENTED
the walled gardens.

Also, there's plenty of talk of rooting Android devices, yet no love given
to the jailbreaking community?

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