Doug Stewart on 6 Jul 2012 11:34:33 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Linux friendly tablet?

That's definitely admirable. I guess I'm just a bit befuddled, as the
"walled garden" argument seems to lead inexorably to one being RMS and
refusing to own a cellphone which is ideologically pure but, well,
sucks all the joy out of life.

All I was trying to point out, though, is that there are jailbreaking
options available that violate your TOSes just as efficiently as
rooting a Nook. *grin*

On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 1:57 PM, Eric H. Johnson <> wrote:
> Doug,
> Speaking for myself, I have a Nokia N900 smart phone running fully open
> source Maemo Linux with T-Mobile for data since the only other real option
> is AT&T. It basically comes jail broken out of the box and does not or
> cannot restrict bandwidth intensive applications such as tethering. Also
> nothing will try to "fix" my phone if I jailbreak it or install
> "unauthorized" applications. Granted it has pretty much been abandoned by
> Nokia, but still does the main things I bought it to do.
> As for the Android tablets I mentioned, they were both wifi only, so no
> telco is involved, well except sometimes indirectly depending on what the
> wifi is connected to. The point is, none of these force applications to come
> from a single source.
> I don't need the ghost of Steve Jobs protecting me from myself.
> Regards,
> Eric
> I do find it ironic that everyone bemoaning Apple's walled garden freely
> admits to slinging money at the telcos, i.e. those who practically INVENTED
> the walled gardens.
> Also, there's plenty of talk of rooting Android devices, yet no love given
> to the jailbreaking community?
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