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Re: [PLUG] No TV Over the Air?

I stated: '... and some DVD and streaming service purchases'. A Netflix
DVD subscription or the free delivery that your Prime subscription gives
you on purchased product will let you watch Walking Dead if you're

If you consume a lot of TV, or aren't patient, you may not be cut out to
be a cable cutter. HBO will be selling digital subscriptions next year, I
expect the other premium networks to all follow.

> On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 3:49 PM, John Karr <> wrote:
>> I don't have cable and I don't have rabbit ears. The tiny amount of
>> network tv I watch I just wait for on Hulu. If the programming you watch
>> isn't available on Hulu or takes too long to get there (Hulu's premium
>> subscribers get some content sooner) you might look for it directly on
>> the
>> station's or network's websites, and at least one of the legacy
>> broadcast
>> networks is trying to sell digital subscriptions.
> The problem with that is that almost all such networks *require* a cable
> or
> satellite login, as authentication. If you don't have such a subscription,
> you can't log in and watch "The Walking Dead" episodes from AMC's website,
> for example.
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