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Re: [PLUG] No TV Over the Air?

We’re selectively impatient: if you have something that runs iTunes the entire season or individual episodes of The Walking Dead can be bought for relatively short money.  Also if you have a friend that has Comcast he/she can add you as a user on his/her account and you can use that login to watch The Walking Dead on AMC’s website.  Or so I am told.

The CW streams a few episodes of their shows online for free—we’ve been keeping up with The Arrow there.

My wife and I are with John: for the most part we are patient enough to wait for shows to be available on Netflix.  We have the 3 dvd plan and it provides us plenty of content for a few hours  a week of TV watching.  A major upside we are just noticing since we started streaming from AMC/CW’s websites is Netflix is, blissfully, commercial free.  A major downside to Netflix is a lot is not available streaming.  Considering the bargain price I don’t mind waiting for DVDs and I’m told Handbrake works very well for making short term copies of content to play from a device attached to your TV.

The primary use of over-the-air broadcasts in our house is for my wife to watch sports.  There are online subscription services for that that I know little about though as I understand it they black out the local games.  We live in the city, use a long since discontinued but highly rated Terk antennae and get a passable but mildly annoying to maintain signal.  We get a lot more channels digitally than we did when the signal was analog.


On Dec 8, 2014, at 4:40 PM, John Karr <> wrote:

> I stated: '... and some DVD and streaming service purchases'. A Netflix
> DVD subscription or the free delivery that your Prime subscription gives
> you on purchased product will let you watch Walking Dead if you're
> patient.
> If you consume a lot of TV, or aren't patient, you may not be cut out to
> be a cable cutter. HBO will be selling digital subscriptions next year, I
> expect the other premium networks to all follow.
>> On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 3:49 PM, John Karr <> wrote:
>>> I don't have cable and I don't have rabbit ears. The tiny amount of
>>> network tv I watch I just wait for on Hulu. If the programming you watch
>>> isn't available on Hulu or takes too long to get there (Hulu's premium
>>> subscribers get some content sooner) you might look for it directly on
>>> the
>>> station's or network's websites, and at least one of the legacy
>>> broadcast
>>> networks is trying to sell digital subscriptions.
>> The problem with that is that almost all such networks *require* a cable
>> or
>> satellite login, as authentication. If you don't have such a subscription,
>> you can't log in and watch "The Walking Dead" episodes from AMC's website,
>> for example.
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