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Re: [PLUG] PLUG W and presos

Awesome STUFF!
Extra days for extra classes @ extra places sounds like Linux University of People Power for Life, Liberty, and the America that was.
I Want In!! NOW!
I also elect Paul Snyder to throw his --PhD-- around to CEOs and University Presidents to acquire more locations next to their open cafeterias and self-serve grills. You know CEOs & Presidents like  PhDs after names.
Or,  even Museums--- Yeah! Or any place that serves food, as in free.

On Jun 16, 2015 12:35 PM, "Keith C. Perry" <> wrote:
Victor, that would be awesome.  I know sure if people are aware of some of the newer modules and functionalities iptables is capable of.  This idea sort of evolved mentally after seeing the fail2ban presentation.  Tools like that are great but having some skill at the CLI with iptables is important too.

I'll think about an outline and put it out there to see what people think.  I should probably start putting seeing what trace example I have to show as examples as well.

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On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 10:34 AM, Keith C. Perry
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> I know its a more advanced topic but I wouldn't mind running a network "war
> game".
> ...
> For new Linux users especially those interested in networking, a workshop
> like this could help gain confidence in understanding what attacks look
> like, how to rate them (i.e. prioritize for action) and why things aren't
> nearly as easy to do as tv and film would have you believe.

This would be a lot of fun and I'd like to help out if there's
interest. I know iptables and nmap, but lack confidence in
identifying, investigating and handling potential attacks.

I saw someone ask about location for events. As far as North goes, if
Coredial wasn't available I'm sure I could arrange for space to
comfortably hold 10 + presenter (we could grab extra seats for a few
more) in Fort Washington, 15 minutes away from Coredial.
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