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Re: [PLUG] Richard M. Stallman resigns

Does this all mean we can finally stop using the ridiculous name "GNU/Linux"?

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Christine via plug <>:
There are a lot of good "think pieces" out there now shedding
light on how he has always been really toxic and made free
software less accessible to minority folks.
That is nonsense.

I've known RMS since 1979. Not only doesn't he have a bigoted bone
in his body, he doesn't even have a bigoted *atom* in his body. He
considers details like skin color, sexual orientation, etc, pretty
much irrelevant to anything important about people.
"The most important thing you've got to do [when pointing out racism —
but applies to any other type of discrimination] is remember the
difference between the 'what they did' conversation and the 'what they
are' conversation. Those are two totally different conversations and
you need to make sure you pick the right one. The 'what they did'
conversation focuses strictly on the person's words and actions, and
explaining why what they did and what they said was unacceptable. ...
The 'what they are' conversation is a rhetorical Bermuda Triangle
where everything drowns in a sea of empty posturing until somebody
just blames the whole thing on hip-hop and we forget the whole thing
ever happened. Don't let this happen to you." — Jay Smooth

That is brilliant !

And the next time somebody calls me an SJW, I'm going to point them at
that video, and then ask exactly what I said that got them pissed off.

NOTE: The above sentence has absolutely nothing to do with my feelings
on the RMS situation. There's way too much about that situation I know
nothing about, so I won't draw a conclusion.


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