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Re: [PLUG] Richard M. Stallman resigns

On September 20, 2019 7:11:57 PM EDT, Steve Litt via plug <> wrote:
>I see nothing ridiculous about it. It's accurate. If you want to use
>the word "Linux" for short, fine, but Linux is the kernel, and the
>other stuff is supplied by many others, with a good chunk of it being
>supplied by the GNU project.

Except that before rms, kernel and operating system meant the same thing. We only make the distinction now because rms said they were different.

Also, not the gnu components are not that significant anyways, and the don't really make up the operating environment like the kernel does.

And finally, I really like musl and busybox. And llvm and clang are doing pretty good nowadays, the gnu parts have really become optional.
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