Cassius Rosenthal on 20 Dec 2006 03:12:56 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Pub Nite!!

Inspired by last night's pub night, (uh oh), I'd like to gage interest in a public challenge: _Concrete Mathematics: A Foundation for Computer Science_ by Graham, Knuth, and Patashnik.

I'm stuck on the repertoire method on page 15. I propose a group of like-minded individuals, intent on pillaging this tomb of wisdom (arcane, obtuse, and sometimes crass), to meet on a regular basis to assist each other in deciphering the knowledge contained within.

Sort of like a book club, but with computer math, and serious learning to be done. Or like a Tupperware party, without the Tupperware, but with a freshly sealed textbook containing math and code and other non-perishables.

Addison-Wesley sells the book directly for $65:,1144,0201558025,00.html
Using the group's coupon code will save you $decent_chunk depending on which one you use. (I don't want to post a coupon to a public list.)

Anyone else interested?

BTW, I added an Ubuntu how-to link to the PXE bullet of the PubNite page.

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