Brian Donahue on 19 Sep 2007 13:34:10 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Ruby-Presenters and Non-ruby presenters?

That site is in my blogroll, although I usually just skim.  It seems very focused on anti-patterns and improving existing apps, whereas I'm still trying to learn the patterns.  I'm sure I could get a lot more out of it though if I take the time and read a few of their articles more thoroughly.  I have a project I want to use to try to get back into Rails, so I suppose it's time I hunkered down and looked at this stuff!

On 9/18/07, Cliff Moon <> wrote:
Check out  The core rails team goes through Q&A on that
site, and they're really great at explaining how to solve a lot of the
common problems and hangups people have with rails.

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