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Re: [PLUG] postfix question

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 7:02 PM, Eric <eric@lucii.org> wrote:
The script that runs the php code runs as root so the FROM of the
email is root@maindomain.com.

Very bad idea. Linux comes with an apache user and group for this very reason (known as httpd on some systems). Use that. Don't use root.

Now I get bounces for this:

Domain of sender address <root@maindomain.com> does not exist (in reply to MAIL
FROM command)

OOPS:  Stumbled upon another issue that may contribute to this...

cat /etc/hostname

cat /etc/hosts
maindomain.com maindomain localhost localhost.localdomain

Looks like I've got some configurin' to do.  Here's hoping I don't break Apache
in the process.

Yes,  if that machine is handling email strictly for web.maindomain.com, it should be configured to handle only that and nothing else. Else, postfix will deliver locally. The myhostname directive in main.cf controls this. If you want it to receive mail, you should setup it's own MX with an FQDN of web.maindomain.com

So yes, there is some reconfiguration that needs to happen.

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