Rich Freeman on 17 Sep 2016 19:59:31 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Top-posting (was: Replacement mailing list idea)

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 10:16 PM, Christopher Barry
<> wrote:
> All webmail clients suck. Some may suck less than others, but in the
> end, they all still suck.

True, but there aren't many better solutions when you don't favor any
particular desktop for checking your mail, and don't want to leave
copies of your mail on some of the desktops you use.  Sure, there is
IMAP, but then you need to find good MUAs that support IMAP on
Windows, Linux, and Android (with push notifications for the latter so
that it doesn't kill your battery).  Oh, and it has to support
synchronized contacts as well across all those platforms, and with my
Google contacts (unless you also want to propose an alternative for my
Google Contacts app on my phone as well as Hangouts, and Google

And if one of those desktops is a Chromebook your options are even
fewer; just webmail or ncurses.

> I wholeheartedly second trying claws-mail.

I'm pretty sure I've used it in the distant past.  I don't think it or
any of the IMAP clients I've used really support tag-based email
sorting either, which is a Gmail feature I find indispensible.

Honestly, I've struggled to find even desktop clients that are as
useful for going through mail.  GMail gives you a one-button shortcut
to archive messages.

So, I end up using GMail.  Sure, it is annoying to occasionally have
to run text through par-format because it clobbers the quoting, but it
usually gets it right.  I'm sure it makes eyes bleed for anybody else
who uses a threaded MUA (maybe not, GMail certainly doesn't make use
of references but it might set them unlike Outlook).

But, if somebody could come up with a better alternative I'd be all
for it.  I'm sure if you search the list archives you can find at
least three prior occasions when people have suggested most of the
stuff that has already come up in the list so far.  Zimbra is the
other one that sometimes comes up, assuming that is still around.  I'd
actually prefer something web-based that I can host myself, but
they're all clunky.  While you're at it, I'd love a web-based FOSS
Google Docs alternative as well.  :)

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