Steve Litt via plug on 6 Jan 2022 14:17:58 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Open source Mail client

Casey Bralla via plug said on Thu, 6 Jan 2022 05:26:20 -0500

>Sorry, guys, but I think you all are peeing into the wind. Graphics in
>eMail signatures are VERY common in business environments.  

I didn't know LUGs were business environments.

> My company
>REQUIRES small graphic images to identify my office phone, mobile
>phone, and office location.  

What, you can't get a personal email address and use that for LUG
mailing lists?

>Yes, its screws up text-only eMail, 

The admission.

> but most (non-nerdy) 

Actually, I think you mean "non-technical". You'd be surprised at the
athletic, musical and social things that technical regularly
participate in. Most of my fellow programmers from the 1984 to 2000
rode bicycles seriously and played musical instruments. Several road
skateboards. A programmer friend of mine regularly rode his bicycle
from coast to coast, with his girlfriend.

> people use graphic-capable eMail clients, so they don't care.  

Does PLUG strike you as non-technical?

> Microsoft Outlook

A fine example of capable software, and so on-topic on a Linux list.

Fortunately, I've come up with a technical solution, because I'm,
in your words, "nerdy":

* ^.*
* ^(To|Cc).*

This solution not only makes my life better, but makes everyone's life
better because it prevents me from from developing a tude that's not
helpful on a technical mailing list.

If you respond to this with the hope of affecting my opinion, you are,
in your words, "peeing into the wind", because I already implemented my
"technical solution".


Steve Litt 
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