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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

Mike Leone wrote:

Paul ( had this to say on 07/11/03 at 11:51:

What about pre-installing Linux and providing the Win98 CD for those who would want to install it?

Because it's illegal, unless it's a retail version of Win98, bought for each

Well, if the PCs are being sold with Win98, doesn't that mean Win98 is being purchased with the PCs? If I own a copy of Win98, can't I sell it? Ya know, this is getting old. Win98 is out, Linux is in. Let's be happy.

This is a big topic shift, but no one can stop me before it's too late! Minor venting follows.

Anything we can do to help out kids would be great because some parents are hopeless. Today I had a mother in my face yelling at me. (I mean, I was one inch from full body contact.) Her kid had my kid's bike without permission. The kid rode it back over to us at which point I asked him to get off of the bike and I instructed him to ask before riding the bike again. The kid went back home and claimed that I screamed at him. The mother took his word for it and got up in my grill. It ended fine after I took the /father/ aside to talk with him, but what the heck?! If parents act that stupid what hope do the kids have?

I have much better stories of parents not making life any better for their kids, but the point is that anything we can do to help kids to become better adults than we are today is worthwhile. (Now for a tie-in.) Computers and their operatings systems are not as important as the fact that people care to take the time to do something good for a kid and the future.

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