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Re: [PLUG] Android?

I'm watching this thread with interest..  Thanks Elizabeth and Richard  
for giving me more insight into Android in a few emails than half a  
dozen "comprehensive" online reviews have done..

I'm in the market for a 3G TMobile phone, I mostly want email, google  
maps, tethering and light web browsing.  Nice apps would be icing bug  
not strictly that important.

Would anyone  be able to venture a brief comparison with a modern  
Blackberry?  I'm tentatively holding out for the rumored upcoming 3G  
TMobile Blackberry but would consider a MyTouch.



Would anyone like to
On Nov 5, 2009, at 1:52 PM, Richard Freeman wrote:

> jeff wrote:
>> Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
>>> The phone uses the Google account to store some of the phone's data,
>>> so it's required
>> Wow, that failed to make any of the documentation or reviews I read.
>> It's precisely the kind of thing that turns me off.  If I want to  
>> play
>> Cloud, I'll get a Pre. [do I sound open sourcey picky enough yet?]
> Keep in mind that google != android - there are android-based phones
> that don't have the google integration.
> You can of course just make up a gmail account just for your phone and
> not use it for anything.  The phone will still work just fine for
> 3rd-party apps.  As Elizabeth said, though, you lose quite a bit of
> polish on the google builds if you don't use google.
> Personally, I use gmail for the contacts (as well as google voice),  
> and
> google calendar.  However, for mail I use my own IMAP server and k9- 
> mail
> (pick your favorite 3rd-party mail app).  I use google reader, but I
> access it using a 3rd-party app.  For that matter I access Google  
> voice
> using a 3rd-party app as well.
> Android is just an OS - you can use any number of applications on  
> top of
> it and they all have differing capabilities.  There are plenty of apps
> that do exchange, for example.  Google, however, has done a good job  
> of
> putting together a set of apps that have fairly seamless integration
> with their services.
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